Young adolescents in Madagascar need a way to access sexual and reproductive health education, counselling, and services during puberty to safeguard their health in the short-term, as well as enable them to respond to threats of gender-based violence, school-age pregnancy, and childhood marriage.


Teenage Pregnancy

By age 18, 36% of Malagasy youth have given birth.*

Lack of Information

47% of middle school students believed a girl could get pregnant only on the 14th day of her menstrual cycle.**

Early Marriage

40% of women aged 20-24 were married by age 15 and 48% were married by age 18.*

Menstrual Health

Only 39% of middle school students can correctly explain where periods come from.**

Lack of Communication

Less than half of middle school students (41%) have ever talked about puberty with their parents.**

Risky Behaviors

45% of middle school students thought it unnecessary to

use a condom the first time one has sex.** 

* National data

** Projet Jeune Leader data