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Sophie Rasoamampianina

Director of Human Resources


Sophie is our Director of Human Resources and Internal Controls. She is based in Fianarantsoa but oversees operations across our three regional hubs. She became our first full-time human resources staff member in 2018. In recent years of rapid growth at Projet Jeune Leader, she has developed and improved standards and procedures fit for our now larger, geographically-dispersed organization. Sophie has many years of experience in nonprofit finance and program management. From 2011 to 2017, she worked on programs and management at Ny Tanintsika, an NGO focused on poverty reduction and natural resource management in Madagascar. From 2007 to 2009 (and as a part-time volunteer from 2009-2015), she was a finance and operations manager for the Program de Sauveguarde de la Vieille Ville (Program to Save the Old City) in Fianarantsoa.

Sophie Rasoamampianina

My daily efforts in my role at Projet Jeune Leader are to help Malagasy youth become more prepared, responsible, empowered adults. As I like to say, ‘Today’s kids are the adults of tomorrow.’ I know that the investments we make now are going to build a better future.

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