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Aina Rasoazanany

Board of Directors


Aina was a PJL Educator from 2014-2015, and stayed with Projet Jeune Leader until 2018 as the coordinator of a number of our special girls’ education and menstrual health initiatives. She is a passionate advocate for rural development and the rights of women and girls. She has worked for ADRA Madagascar as a WASH Technical Manager, as a consultant in gender mainstreaming for ASMAE, and since 2022, as Coordinator for the sexual and reproductive health and education project SAFIDY of SEED Madagascar. In this role, she also coordinates activities of the Réseau SDSR, Madagascar’s civil society sexual and reproductive health and rights network, of which Projet Jeune Leader is a member. Aina holds a Master’s degree in Education Sciences from the University of Fianarantsoa, and has participated in a number of leadership trainings through the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Network.

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