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Five female students in blue uniforms and a Projet Jeune Leader Educator in a black t-shirt are walking away from us on a dirt schoolyard. In the background and to the side are light yellow and navy blue one-story school buildings.

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We can talk about our model and our scaling strategy, our best practices and our evaluations. But to really understand our impact, we invite you to step into our students’ shoes.

Remember being 13 years old?

Take yourself back to middle school. And now, let's re-imagine what it might have been like if there was a Projet Jeune Leader Educator teaching, guiding, and supporting you.

You attend a new timetabled class every week: sexuality education, taught by a dynamic young Educator.


You learn about puberty and health, but also about self-esteem, healthy relationships, violence prevention, goal-setting, and changing gender norms.

This is a photo of a group of students in a classroom with their hands raised. They are engaged in a lesson with an Educator who is standing at the front of the room, wearing a black sweatshirt with “PROJET JEUNE LEADER” written on it in yellow. The blackboard behind the teacher has writing on it.
This is a photo of a classroom with a Projet Jeune Leader Educator holding up a large piece of paper with a drawing on it. The students are sitting on a concrete floor, looking at the Educator and the poster. Next to the Educator stands a male student who is pointing at the paper as if to explain something.

It's become your favorite class.


What you're learning is helping you now, and will help you later in your life.


It's also challenging you to think about how to improve your future, your community, and our society.

"I really enjoy the PJL class. I learned that boys and girls should have equal rights, and in class I also learned about puberty and what healthy and equal relationships look like. It also helped me find my confidence and convinced me not to be shy. I gained so much knowledge and advice in a short time."

Student, Ivato Centre Middle School

You're surprised: instead of lectures and memorization, this class is fun.


For the first time at school, you're invited to actively participate.

This is a photo of a group of children in blue uniforms sitting at wooden desks in a classroom. They are working on a project together. The classroom has white walls and a blackboard at the front of the room. A female sexuality educator in a black t-shirt is standing over a group of students to explain something.
This is a photo of two people playing basketball on a dirt court. The person on the left, a PJL Educator wearing a black t-shirt and gray pants, is laughing and running. The person on the right, wearing a blue uniform shirt and black pants, is jumping up holding the ball. The court is in front of a school building with trees in the background.

You're inspired by the young, energetic Educator — someone who was in your shoes not that long ago.


You love having the Educator around, filling your free time outside of class with games, books, and sports.

"Let me list what I like about the PJL Educator. First, he knows how to teach in the classroom and he is a real leader. Second, he helps me improve my skills, like how to control my emotions and how to find people I trust to help me with my problems. Third, I have gained a lot of knowledge and advice on life, like the good decisions I should make, how to be a role model. He convinced me not to be shy in class anymore."

Student, Antsaharoa Middle School

For the first time, you have a trusted adult you can turn to who can offer non-judgmental advice and support when you need it.

This is a photo of a female Educator at a wooden desk in a room with green walls, speaking to a young boy standing in front of the desk.
This is a photo of a person in a black shirt kneeling on the floor next to a group of middle school students who are reading.

You feel more motivated to go to school every day.


School is more engaging and welcoming.

“I can see and feel that I have changed, my whole behavior has changed. In the past, I had to be dragged to school because I was lazy, but now I am eager to study. We have been able to learn a lot and gained a lot of benefits. We children have become very smart when we are with the PJL Educator! Thank you, sir!”

Student, Fandriana Centre Middle School

You've gained confidence and new aspirations — and even hope to become a Projet Jeune Leader Educator one day.

This is a photo of a student in a black shirt standing in front of a classroom, smiling and making a joking face. The classroom has wooden desks and benches, and the students are wearing blue uniforms.
Two young Malagasy girls in blue uniforms are sitting at a wooden desk in a classroom. One is laughing while covering her face, while the other is whispering something in her ear. Other students can be seen in a blurred background.

The Projet Jeune Leader Educator has changed your life and your school.


You hope that every other school in Madagascar will have a Projet Jeune Leader Educator, too.

"The presence of the PJL Educators at my school in the last four years have changed my life. Olivia, Ravaka, Niaina, and Onja: you’ve inspired me to believe in myself. I learned to achieve my goals. I apply your lessons in my life. Please, spread PJL all over Madagascar. I was about to go astray in my life, and you straightened my future. I love you, PJL, because you supported the success of my entire life."

Student, Ankaramena Middle School

Our vision is that every young person thrives during adolescence.

By empowering young adolescents with the knowledge, skills, and support they need, we're having a deep and lasting impact on an entire generation of youth.

All quotes have been translated from Malagasy from handwritten messages students sent to us through our constituent voice magazines.

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