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A lively classroom scene of a female Projet Jeune Leader educator smiling and talking to a young boy in a blue uniform and blue backpack standing amongst a group of seated students. In the background is a blackboard and flipchart paper with writing.

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In rural Madagascar, young adolescents rarely have access to the information and support systems they need to navigate this critical life period. You can help us transform this status quo.


Every donation helps us bring critical knowledge, skills, and support to another young adolescent in rural Madagascar.

Our innovative comprehensive sexuality education program works — and it’s unique the world over. Generous support from our donors helps us bring our high-impact program to more rural adolescents; develop improved pedagogical tools; build our staff capacity; strengthen our community accountability tools; and so much more. Together, we're striving to transform the lives of an entire generation of Malagasy youth.

To Make a Donation

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I am very happy because my family has become very different compared to before we had PJL. Before, I didn’t dare talk to my dad about my period and things like that, but now after doing the PJL class every week I can’t wait to share with my parents what we learned about. And before, even with stupid small stuff, I always argued with my mom at home. But now I can see my mom’s perspective, and I also understand how puberty affects my emotions and mood.

Student at Ivato Centre Middle School

Projet Jeune Leader partner school since 2020

Translated from Malagasy from a handwritten message sent to us through our constituent voice magazines.

A classroom scene showing a group of middle school students in Madagascar and an energetic Projet Jeune Leader Educator dancing at the front of the room.

PJL Educator Rosà, Ivato Centre Middle School (2022)

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