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Our Educators work full time in public schools to teach timetabled comprehensive sexuality education classes and provide holistic support services to adolescents.

In the eyes of the students we serve...

a Projet Jeune Leader Educator is more than just an "educator."


When a Projet Jeune Leader Educator is placed full-time in a public middle school, adolescents gain much more than just an educator; they gain a trustworthy, non-judgmental, professional, and accessible mentor.

What happens when students have a Projet Jeune Leader Educator in their school?


They attend a new timetabled class every week: sexuality education, taught by a dynamic Educator.


They are surprised that they can have fun, laugh, and actively participate in a class at school.


They enjoy this class because they feel what they are learning will help them in their lives—whether it’s about changes during puberty, healthy relationships, or gender inequalities and how to challenge them in their community.




They are inspired by the young, energetic Educator standing in front of them—someone who was in their shoes not that long ago.


They love having the Educator around every day on school grounds, filling their free time outside of class with games, books, and sports. 

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They approach the Educator for help and support, trusting them and the non-judgmental advice they share.


They sign their parents up for a workshop with their PJL Educator. 


They feel more motivated to go to school each day because it is now more engaging and welcoming.

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They develop new aspirations—and even hope to become a Projet Jeune Leader Educator one day.


They hope that every other school in Madagascar will have a Projet Jeune Leader Educator, too. 

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