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Our Ambition

We have a proven and affordable approach to comprehensive sexuality education. Now, we’re working to scale our model to reach every young person in Madagascar.


There are only a few examples of comprehensive sexuality education programs in the world that are scalable and scaling. We’re one of them.

Since 2013, we’ve grown the reach of our program 20-fold and achieved unprecedented momentum for comprehensive sexuality education in Madagascar.

Effective government partnership

We have formed trusting partnerships with the Ministry of Education of Madagascar from the local to the national levels. This enables us to build upon existing structures and systems to scale.

Strong community demand and trust

We have developed internationally recognized learning and community engagement approaches. This has helped us build local support and demand for sexuality education.

High quality at low cost

We have built our model to reach adolescents in under-resourced, hard-to-reach communities. It is simple and low-cost, reaching youth where few other services exist.


By 2026, our goal is to reach over 100,000 adolescents a year with our comprehensive sexuality education model.

A classroom setting where a female Projet Jeune Leader uniform is standing in front of a blackboard. She is gesturing to a female student in the front row as if to call on her.
Direct Delivery

Educators that we recruit, train, and support to deliver our CSE model in partner public middle schools.

An Educator stands at the front of a classroom in front of a blackboard, smiling and clasping or clapping her hands. Students stand in front of her, appearing to take part in an activity.
Scaling through Government Partnership

Government teacher-trainees that we train and support to deliver our CSE model in partner public middle schools.

A joyful scene of a group of young people in blue uniforms holding hands and dancing in a circle on a dirt yard. One of the people is a CSE Educator wearing a white t-shirt. In the background, mountains can be seen under a clear blue sky.

"Usually during rainy season, our students stop showing up for school. But this year, they kept coming."

Claudine is one of the first government teacher-trainees in Madagascar to become a sexuality educator. Her impact has been transformative.

Systems change is at the core of our vision.

We are working to shift norms and policies within the public education system. It's part of our effort to ensure long-term sustainability and uptake of comprehensive sexuality education in Madagascar.

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