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We share strategies, actionable guidance, and resources that Projet Jeune Leader uses in our work with tens of thousands of students, parents, teachers, and school officials in Madagascar.


As our program and organization has grown, we have developed, tested, and integrated strategies and actions to improve our transparency, responsiveness, and overall accountability to youth and the schools in which we work.

Explore our thematically-grouped collections of guidance tools, lessons learned, and resources below, and dive into each library for individual downloadable resources, tips, and testimonials.​

We hope that these resources help illustrate how we bring CSE to dozens of communities and tens of thousands of students across Madagascar – and serve as a source of inspiration and creativity for others committed to delivering in-school comprehensive sexuality education.

Select your preferred language then explore our library of resources below.


We have just launched our resources portal. Stay tuned for additional resource libraries and languages!

Building Community Support for CSE

Projet Jeune Leader developed “CSE We Can Count On,” a publication sharing strategies and practical tools for how to build and harness community support for in-school comprehensive sexuality education. The core publication is supplemented by a library of practical resources. The strategies and actions we share here help us build lasting, trusting relationships with students, parents, teachers, and school officials. Importantly, they also prevent and address misconceptions and misunderstandings about CSE within our partner communities.