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An engaging scene of two individuals sitting at a wooden desk scattered with papers. One person is in a middle school boy in a blue uniform and the other is a PJL Educator in a yellow shirt with ‘PROJET JEUNE LEADER’ written on it. The boy is listening attentively to the Educator who is smiling.

Our Model

Our model is designed to reach vulnerable adolescents in Madagascar's most under-resourced schools and rural communities. It is intentionally simple, lean, and scalable.

At the core of our model are our Educators—agents of change empowering adolescents across rural Madagascar.

We train, equip, and support young adult Educators to provide a package of essential services in public middle schools.

A classroom scene of a group of children in blue school uniforms sitting on a concrete floor doing a group activity. A PJL Educator, dressed in a black shirt and blue jeans, stands nearby bending over one of the groups to talk. In the background is a blackboard and walls with peeling paint.
Holistic Education

Our Educators teach our gender-transformative, multi-year, 108-module sexuality education and leadership curriculum.

A male Projet Jeune Leader Educator in a black tshirt sits at a table facing us with his hands clasped. Facing him are two female students in blue uniforms. In the background is a blackboard.
Individualized Support

Our Educators offer youth-friendly counseling services and referrals to healthcare providers.

A candid moment captured in a room where a group of people dressed in traditional Malagasy clothing are engaged in conversation around a wooden table. One individual, a male PJL Educator, is standing next to the group smiling.
An Empowering Ecosystem

Our Educators lead workshops with parents on supporting adolescents and their development. They also liaise with local health services.

A female Educator kneels on the ground in a circle of middle school girls. They appear to be playing a card game.

Our Educators are not only sharing essential health knowledge. They also build adolescents' self-confidence, positive gender attitudes, understanding of healthy relationships, and more.


We're focused on one thing: comprehensive sexuality education, done right.


We don't believe in one-time sensitizations. Our program reaches adolescents over multiple years. Our Educators are embedded in their communities of work. This deepens our impact and allows us to build trust with our local constituents.


We are seeing that our approach deeply resonates with communities. By reimagining how, by who, and where sexuality education is delivered, we are increasing its attractiveness, relevance, and impact.

High Quality

Over a decade of testing and learning, we have created a world-leading program. We have developed curricula tailored to our local context, and unique approaches to recruiting, training, and supporting Educators.


We're building momentum for comprehensive sexuality education in Madagascar from the grassroots to the national levels.

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