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Our Educators not only empower individual adolescents with essential knowledge and support, but also strengthen the communities and systems in which they live, learn, and grow. 


Adolescents build essential knowledge and competencies.


“I have benefited from PJL courses because I have learned about puberty. I learned what to expect and I was not afraid when I got my period because I knew beforehand.” 

– Middle school student

After one full school year, students who received our program (compared to students who did not) were more likely to know where to find a condom, know how to use a condom, intend to use a condom if they have sex in the future, and believe they could convince a partner to use a condom.**

Adolescents have revitalized, welcoming, safe schools.

“School feels much more comfortable since the PJL Educator arrived.”

“It’s awesome to attend PJL courses and they make you motivated.”

“Ever since [the PJL Educator] arrived it has been really fun here at school because we can do new activities and hobbies with him.” 

– Middle school students


“We’ve already seen a big change in the students here since the PJL Educator started. If we were to quantify it, I would guess it’s a 85% change. The kids have become much more comfortable and feel ‘at-home’ here at school. The most important thing has been the effect on students’ grades; their grades have really improved.” 

– School principal


Adolescents gain a mentor and positive role model. 

“When I have a problem, I prefer to talk to the PJL Educator because they are mature and they don’t judge, even if it is about something embarrassing.”

– Middle school student

“It's easy to see the impact of the PJL Educators at the school, and it’s wonderful for us parents. They show children the better paths that they can take and what good behavior they should have. Learning with the PJL Educators also opens students’ minds and has a positive effect on their education.” 

– Parent of a Middle school student

Adolescents build and practice confidence, self-efficacy, and leadership. 

After the school year, PJL students showed improved attitudes towards healthy relationships, while comparison students showed no change. PJL students also reported more gender-equitable beliefs towards gender roles and sexual relationships after the school year than comparison students.**

“I really feel prepared for my future thanks to the PJL Educator’s lessons. I hope that they continue because since those PJL Educators came, I’ve started to believe in myself and started to have better relationships.” 

– Middle school student

“Since I’ve received the education from Projet Jeune Leader, I’ve begun to have confidence in myself when I do things. I’ve also started to like to raise my hand at school and participate in answering questions, even if it means sharing my opinion.” 

– Middle school student

Adolescents learn about and access education, healthcare, and social services.

After one year with Projet Jeune Leader, students were less likely to say they would be embarrassed to go to a health clinic about their sexual health,* as well as more likely to know where to seek help if they experienced violence,** while comparison students showed no change.

Myriam Ambilombe.jpeg
Adolescents have improved relationships with teachers, parents, and healthcare providers.

The proportion of students who had talked to an adult about puberty and/or sexual health greatly increased between the beginning and end of the school year in Projet Jeune Leader partner schools compared to students at comparison schools.*

“The workshop for parents that PJL organized is very linked to what my children learn from PJL. One’s mind becomes more open to communication at home. At first my son didn't dare talk to me because he thought I might punish him, but when he learned that I went to the PJL workshop, he became more and more bold talking to me, even about body parts that were embarrassing to him.


My husband and I also made efforts to talk with him, and he realized that ‘If my parents are talking to me, then I should not be ashamed to talk to my parents.’ I feel less distance between me and my children after that workshop. In the past it was difficult to talk to children about sexuality. But after learning how to handle it from PJL, it comes naturally.” 

– Parent of a middle school student

All quotes translated from Malagasy.

* Quasi-experimental program outcome evaluation with a non-equivalent comparison group pretest-posttest design (n = 2,322), 2017-2018 school year

**Quasi-experimental program outcome evaluation with a non-equivalent comparison group pretest-posttest design (n = 1,213), 2018-2019 school year

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