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A classroom setting where a PJL Educator in a black tshirt is smiling widely as she holds open a binder. Students are seated in the foreground and enthusiastically raising their hands.


Through comprehensive sexuality education, we equip adolescents with essential knowledge and support. Our impact extends to the communities and systems in which they live, learn, and grow.

Our Reach (2023-2024)


young adolescents


public middle schools


specialized Educators

Transforming Lives, Schools, Communities, and Systems through Comprehensive Sexuality Education

A classroom scene zoomed in on the back of a girl sitting at a wooden desk, holding a small chalkboard filled with smiley and sad faces and numbers. In the background are other students and wooden desks and chairs.
This is a photo of a group of children in blue uniforms playing basketball on a dirt courtyard. The courtyard is located in front of a row of dilapidated one-story buildings. The Madagascar flag is flying in the clear sky in the background.

Where We Work

Ilaka Centre, Amoron' i Mania Region

Map of Madagascar showing a pin over the community of Ilaka Centre, site of one of Projet Jeune Leader's partner schools.
A simple one-story school building in rural Madagascar along a dirt school courtyard, with a Projet Jeune Leader sign visible


Understand first-hand why comprehensive sexuality education matters — and how our program has an expansive, and sometimes surprising, impact.

“This school year, there have been very few school dropouts. It’s because of the presence of the PJL Educator.”

How a PJL Educator has transformed learning and growing for students at one of our most rural partner schools.

A young Malagasy man wearing a black t-shirt with "PROJET JEUNE LEADER" written on it walks on a narrow dirt path in between green rice fields. A hill with terraced rice fields can be seen in the background.
A young Malagasy woman wearing a black tshirt with "PROJET JEUNE LEADER" written on it smiles in front of a blackboard with writing on it. It appears that she is speaking to a middle school girl standing in front of her. Other seated students can be seen in the foreground.

“After the PJL Educators started working at my school, I started to trust myself for the first time, to feel confident and capable.”

How students at Ambohimanjaka middle school changed their outlook on themselves, their learning, and their future — all thanks to a single PJL Educator.

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