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An engaged classroom scene in Madagascar where a Projet Jeune Leader Educator in a black shirt is standing in front of a blank blackboard. Students in blue uniforms are actively participating by raising their hands enthusiastically. The room is furnished with wooden desks and benches.

So that every young person in  Madagascar thrives through adolescence 

A model for comprehensive sexuality education at scale — that works

Our specialized Educators are bringing essential knowledge, skills, and support to adolescents across rural Madagascar for the first time. As we scale our program, we’re tackling harmful social norms, transforming schools, and driving change within Madagascar’s education system.

A Projet Jeune Leader Educator in a black shirt blackboard is standing in front of a blank blackboard facing a group of students who are standing and laughing with the Educator.

SINCE 2013:


young adolescents in Madagascar have received our in-school comprehensive sexuality education program



hours of sexuality education and leadership are taught by our specialized Educators in Madagascar's public middle schools

Transforming lives, schools, and communities across Madagascar

Adolescence is tough for young people everywhere. That's especially true in rural Madagascar, where youth have limited access to health information, quality education, and youth-friendly services.

We are transforming this status quo. Our program has had a significant impact on adolescents’ learning and well-being, while strengthening their schools and communities.

A lively scene of children in blue uniforms joyfully dancing in a red dirt schoolyard in rural Madagascar. They are raising their arms are surrounding a Projet Jeune Leader Educator in a black shirt who is laughing and raising her arms. In the background, there are buildings and a flat-topped mountain under a blue sky with a few clouds.

IN 2023-2024:


trained, supported, equipped, and specialized Educators are delivering in-school comprehensive sexuality education

IN 2023-2024:


partner public middle schools across three regions of Madagascar, of which 80% are located in rural communities


Catalyzing a one-of-a-kind approach to comprehensive sexuality education for rural adolescents


Behind-the-scenes of our efforts to transform adolescence for the next generation of Malagasy youth

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