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This is a photo of a group of people standing on a dirt field with traditional clay Malagasy houses seen in the background. The person in the center is wearing a black t-shirt with “PROJET JEUNE LEADER” written on it. He is smiling and talking to a small group of middle school students wearing blue school uniforms and carrying backpacks.

About Us

Since our founding in 2013, Projet Jeune Leader has brought comprehensive sexuality education to tens of thousands of adolescents across Madagascar.

We were founded to ensure every adolescent has the information and support they need to reach their full potential.

We started as a small pilot project in four schools. A decade later, we have built a powerful comprehensive sexuality education model integrated in Madagascar's education system.

This is a photo of a group of children playing with a basketball on a dirt court in front of a small, dilapidated brick building. The children are playing with a Projet Jeune Leader staff member who looks to be throwing or catching the ball. The sky is blue and there are trees and other children watching in the background.

Our dedicated team is driven by a shared mission to transform the lives of Madagascar's youth.

A group of middle school students in Madagascar laughing and linking arms in a circle. One of the people in the circle is a sexuality educator. In teh background is a clay building with a corrugated metal roof and rolling hills against a blue sky.

Every young person in Madagascar thrives during adolescence.

This is a photo of a group of students standing outside a school building. The students are wearing backpacks. They are speaking with a female educator who is holding a yellow notebook.

We work to ensure that every adolescent in Madagascar has essential knowledge, skills, and support through comprehensive sexuality education.



We're not content with the status quo. We constantly challenge ourselves to learn and to improve.


We're motivated by meaningful relationships, shared ownership, and mutual exchange.


As we grow, set new goals, and make complex decisions, we never sacrifice quality.


We're energized by our mission — and by the fun, joy, and excitement involved in bringing it to life.

Our champions and collaborators fuel our impact.

Support from individual, philanthropic, and bilateral donors allows us innovate, iterate, and expand. We leverage this funding to unlock long-term funding to sustain our program at scale.

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