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Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Statement

Projet Jeune Leader (PJL) has a zero-tolerance stance towards fraud and corruption of any type, in any circumstance, whether committed by staff, volunteers, consultants, contractors, or other partners.


Fraud refers to any dishonest practice and offense committed to obtain personal or monetary gains at the expense of Projet Jeune Leader or a third party. Fraud can take several forms, including but not limited to embezzlement, falsifying documents and data, and misuse or destruction of PJL property. Corruption encompasses several unethical behaviors, including but not limited to preferential treatment, abuse of power, extortion, and bribery.


At Projet Jeune Leader:

  • Fraud and corruption are never acceptable.

  • The resources of the NGO Projet Jeune Leader must be protected and used optimally in the interest of our beneficiaries to successfully accomplish our mission.

  • Any staff member found guilty of fraud or corruption shall be subject to severe disciplinary measures, up to, and including dismissal.

  • Any staff member shall annually make a declaration of conflict of interest and update it, should changes occur within the period.

All staff, volunteers, consultants, contractors, and other partners are committed to:

  • Becoming familiar with the Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Policy of Projet Jeune Leader.

  • Reporting any practice or attempted practice that is contrary to the Policy or is reasonably suspected of being contrary to the Policy.

  • Fulfilling their duties with honesty, integrity, impartiality, rigor, and incorruptibility.

  • Always using the resources of the NGO Projet Jeune Leader in the interest of the organization and not their personal interests.

  • Avoiding conflicts of interest, whether actual, potential, or liable to be perceived as such.

  • Never soliciting or accepting gifts or gratuities from any person or entity, if such gift or gratuity constitutes, or is reasonably liable to be construed to constitute a direct or indirect incentive to grant them special treatment with respect to business with Projet Jeune Leader.

  • Never giving preferential treatment to their friends, family members, or other close relations during a recruitment process, procurement, services, or other situations.

Report Concerns of Fraud

Projet Jeune Leader strongly encourages personnel and partners to be vocal and report any genuine concern or suspicion of fraud or corruption, or other illegal acts occurring in the workplace. Projet Jeune Leader has a "whistleblower" protection and non-retaliation policy.

A concern can be reported by filling the concern reporting form ( electronically or in paper form (at the Projet Jeune Leader offices).


Reports can be made anonymously, but the individual is encouraged to provide their name and contact details to facilitate the follow-up inquiry.

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