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At the core of our model are our Educators—dynamic, passionate young adults who we train, equip, and support to bring comprehensive sexuality education for the first time to schools across Madagascar.

Our Educators...

are intentionally recruited.

We recruit young adults for their positive gender attitudes, dynamism, and potential as role models.

are thoroughly equipped.

We train selected young adults for two months in our gender-transformative curricula and build their leadership skills to mentor and counsel adolescent students.

are integrated & supported.

In partnership with school leaders, we place each Educator in a public school to work full time to teach timetabled comprehensive sexuality education classes and provide holistic support services to adolescents. 

Meet a few of our Educators.


2019-2020 Mandaniresaka; 2020-2021 Ibity; 2021-2022 Behenjy

The part I find most powerful about my training and work is knowing how to foster adult-adolescent communication. When I was young, I didn’t have that kind of positive relationship, even with my mom. I never even talked to her about my first period.

Now, I’m the adult in many teenagers’ lives that they can talk to. I know they look up to me because I see their smiles reflected in mine. Every day I work so that they have the knowledge and skills to take on their future, to make informed decisions, and stand up for what they believe in.

Andry Maneva.JPG


2018-2019 Idanda; 2019-2020 Ambalavao; 2020-2021 Mahamanina; 2021-2022 Maneva

When I was in 8th grade, a PJL Educator was placed in my school. Soilihi was one of the first Educators ever hired by PJL, back in 2013. We formed a close bond and I always asked him for small tasks I could help with. It was the first time I was given responsibility and felt confident in myself. That’s what made me want to become a leader, and gave me the goal of becoming a PJL Educator myself.

Today, my favorite part of being a PJL Educator is going around and visiting with students every morning before class, giving them fist pumps, seeing them happy. I like talking to the kids. I feel a sense of responsibility for them, especially since they trust me to help them if they have a problem. Whether it’s just to chat, or to come ask for help, they know they can always talk to PJL Educator Andry. 


2019-2020 Ambilombe; 2020-2021 Ihazolava; 2021-2022 Andriambilany

I have a strong relationship with my partner school principal. We always help each other when it comes to improving the school. It’s the same with parents and community members. Whenever I can, I talk to them about Projet Jeune Leader and the goals of our work—and a lot of people start to realize its importance.

My students tell me that because they have someone who truly sees and accepts them for who they are, they start to feel they can relate better to other people. They realize that assertive communication is an effective way to deal with issues, even at home. It makes me really proud. All I want is for my students to have healthy relationships and reach their goals throughout their lives.

Myriam Ambilombe (3).jpeg
Tahiry (5).JPG


2017-2018 Mahamanina; 2018-2019 Ambalavao; 2019-2020 Ambatovory; 2020-2021 Andrainjato; 2021-2022 Ambohibary

When I was first trained as a PJL Educator, I realized just how much I didn’t know about sexual and reproductive health. Now, I’m able to say I’ve become a professional in the field. Even parents of my students see me as such; they ask me how to best support their children going through puberty.

I can tell my students see me as role model in their lives because they listen to my advice. Even students that are considered to be troublemakers! I talk with them during counseling, they share their problems with me, and we decide—together—how we can make things better.


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