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Popular VINA magazines are back!

Our VINA magazines are easily one of our students' favorite resources from Projet Jeune Leader... so we are back with more!

VINA stands for "Voices [Voix], Initiatives, Action", three values which frame the content of each magazine.

In 2015 we published the first edition of these magazines on 10 different themes, including topics such as resolving conflicts, violence prevention, children's rights, smoking, and peer pressure.

Students in our partner schools loved and used these magazines so much, that we brought back our leadership consultant. With her support, our Rural Youth Educators created the content for an entire new set.

Issues in the 2017 edition include:

  • Leadership

  • Self-Confidence

  • Gender Stereotypes

  • Planning your future

  • Consent

  • Speaking with your parents

  • Healthy relationships

  • Friendship

  • Menstrual health

  • Accessing healthcare providers

Each magazine contains two interviews with community leaders, a short story, a spotlight on a resource, a cartoon, a "Dear Abby"-style column, games, and an imaginative self-reflection quiz. These different sections transmit the key messages of the theme in creative ways while encouraging discussion and self-reflection.

The magazines will be available in Youth Spaces for students to read during their off-hours, and the Youth Educators will also use them as teaching tools in classes and after school clubs.

Thanks to the Rural Youth Educators and Leadership Consultant Annika Freudenberger for their hard work making these new resources for Malagasy students!


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