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Mamisoa Rasoanantenaina

Technical Manager


Mamisoa is our Technical Manager, based in Fianarantsoa. She oversees successful implementation of our programs and manages our Educators. She was first drawn to sexual reproductive health education as a Youth Educator with PSI Madagascar from 2013 to 2015, where she conducted outreach to youth on family planning and HIV/AIDS. She joined Projet Jeune Leader as an Educator in 2016 at Rakotozafy Alphonse middle school and served a second year in 2017 at Ambalakely middle school. As one of the standout Educators in her cohort – tireless, enthusiastic, and highly skilled – she was hired at the end of the school year to become a supervisor. At Projet Jeune Leader, Mamisoa has also served as pedagogy coordinator, during which she was responsible for training new Educators and supporting Educators and their supervisors.

Mamisoa Rasoanantenaina

One of the most gratifying aspects of my job is being on-the-ground, in the field. There, I can see and hear our overwhelming impact with my own eyes and ears: the passion of our Educators, the tangible effects of their instruction and presence on the young students, and the praise and feedback from parents, school directors, and other community members.

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