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Hard work, dedication, and passion: Our 2019-2020 Educators

"Ever since there has been a PJL Educator at school I've felt more at ease. They help us learn and participate more in our education." - Student, Mahasoabe Middle School

It’s sometimes hard to believe Projet Jeune Leader started with a team of just seven Educators back in 2013.

Fast forward five academic years, and this team has grown to 41-strong. Now, PJL Educators can be found in public schools across three regions of Madagascar.

Since our beginnings, we have striven to create an even-handed platform for young adults to be trained and employed - working in their own communities towards better education, sexual and reproductive well-being, and gender equality with the next generation (their “younger brothers and sisters”).

By recruiting, training, equipping, managing, and paying dynamic young adults as specialized Educators, we are ensuring delivery of the highest-quality comprehensive sexuality education.

We invest in our Educators – and the return on investment is high. Not only do they serve as teachers to their adolescent students, but also mentors, counselors, coaches, medical liaisons, peers, confidants, and role models. They boost understanding, empathy, and accountability for the students in the schools in which they work.

"Putting PJL Educators here really helps us teachers take care of youth, especially with regards to understanding the behavior and lives of kids today, and enabling us to take into account their ways of thinking... I feel that speaking as a parent as well." - Teacher, Ambalamahasoa Middle School

Like around the world, the 2019-2020 school year in Madagascar has been cut short due the pandemic, with numerous unknowns about what the future holds.

What we do know, is that since November 2019, our 41 Educators have enhanced access to sexual and reproductive health and rights information and resources among 16,299 young adolescents.

So here's to the 2019-2020 cohort of Projet Jeune Leader Educators for their hard work, dedication, and passion throughout the past school year.

Although we are all undeniably saddened to say goodbye too soon, we thank you for all you've done to help young Malagasy adolescents navigate the challenges accompanying puberty, and set the foundation for healthier and happier futures.


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