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"Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained": The Story of PJL Educator Lanja


“Lanja’s story is wonderful. Here’s to hoping that adolescents take on Lanja’s traits – that nothing ventured is nothing gained.” Comment from a parent, Sandrandahy middle school

Projet Jeune Leader regularly publishes our educators’ personal stories online and in constituent voice magazines to showcase their dedication, values, warmth, humor, determination, and the insights they have as young people and educators.

Feedback from readers show that they find the educators’ stories profoundly inspirational, suggesting these stories help spread the “brand power” of Projet Jeune Leader educators across different communities.

The original purpose of sharing Lanja's story was to highlight the rigorous selection criteria and training process for CSE educators – and therefore ease any parental concerns about the quality of their children’s education with Projet Jeune Leader educators. It is framed as a “Hero” story and taps into the universal theme of “overcoming adversity through hard work.” And certain setting and details (e.g., “I would walk through valleys, across rice fields, in the cold to get to school”) are specific to: 1) make the story resonate with parents from rural areas where Projet Jeune Leader works, 2) showcase Lanja’s lived experience and therefore boost his credibility and authenticity.

“Thank you for encouraging my child to lead in the classroom, thank you Lanja for giving the kids the motivation to continue their education.” Comment from a parent, Fiadanana middle school

Interested in other stories we use boost educators' credibility and authenticity? Check out our resource here:


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