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Avotra Randriamampionona

Manager of Finance and Administration


Avotra is our Manager of Administration and Finance. Although he is based in our Antsirabe office, he supports the implementation and management of our accounting and procedures across the full organization. His financial wizardry, organization, and constant sense of calm keep us running smoothly! Prior to joining Projet Jeune Leader, Avotra as the Manager of Administration and Finance at URCECAM, a finance institution. He holds a Master’s degree in Management with a concentration on financial management from the CNTEMAD. In his free time, he enjoys soccer and pétanque.

Avotra Randriamampionona

It’s clear to me that Malagasy youth do not currently benefit from the full education they need. I believe in PJL’s mission because we’re providing skills and knowledge they are going to use throughout life.

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