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Chrystian Sitrakiniaina

Technical Manager


Chrystian was part of the first cohort of Educators that Projet Jeune Leader ever hired, in 2013. In his decade-long tenure at Projet Jeune Leader, Chrystian has served in a number of pedagogical and technical positions through which he has fundamentally shaped the growth of the organization. We leaned on his patience and problem-solving skills to help us set up stronger Educator supervision and support systems, oversee our initial expansion into rural school settings, and pilot our first workshops for parents. Today, as Technical Manager, Chrystian manages and mentors all of our Educators. This includes coordinating the annual Educator recruitment process, maintaining our relationships with government officials and communities, collaborating with our M&E and other pedagogical staff to design new programming, and more.

Chrystian Sitrakiniaina

I am continually inspired by how the team’s hard work and dedication help improve the communication, attitudes, and behaviors of youth in Madagascar. One of the reasons I have remained so long at Projet Jeune Leader is because for me, what we do for young students and their communities – and ultimately, what we do for broader Malagasy society – is a moral obligation.

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