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Elvino Tsilailay

Data Entry Associate


Elvino is our Data Entry Associate, working out of our Fianarantsoa office. Bringing strong data entry and computer skills (he holds a degree in IT) and a perpetually positive energy, he has become an integral part of our M&E team. Every month, we collect thousands of handwritten comments from students and their parents and gather quantitative data from dozens of schools and thousands of students. Elvino helps transcribe and organize this data, allowing our team to draw insights and identify opportunities to improve our programs. Previously, Elvino was a student at the University of Fianarantsoa. He interned at institutions including Soavoanio Sambava and CA2E, helping them develop new data management systems. In his free time, Elvino loves playing volleyball.

Elvino Tsilailay

My favorite part of my job is inputting feedback from students and their parents. I love seeing how they feel about PJL. It only motivates me more and more to dedicate myself to my work to advance PJL’s mission.

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