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Lilie Randrianasolo

Advocacy Manager


Lilie is Projet Jeune Leader’s Communications and Advocacy Manager. She plays a lead role coordinating our external communications, including representing Projet Jeune Leader at conferences and events and improving our public outreach through social media. She has expanded our strategic advocacy efforts, identifying ways to build support for our program among existing and new institutional partners and within local communities. Lilie’s professional mission is to advance the rights of children, women, and marginalized populations, and aims to contribute her skills in writing, research, analysis, and communications to help advance civil society organizations in Madagascar. Prior to joining Projet Jeune Leader, she taught French to youth and university students and worked as an interpreter for the European Union in Madagascar. She was a PJL Educator in 2014-2015.

Lilie Randrianasolo

Many Malagasy youth, due to various challenges they face, would not articulate or think about a life for themselves that is different from the traditions and conditions they have grown up with. Yet in my work, I have observed so many young students revel in the knowledge, new opportunities, and better relationships that their PJL Educator facilitates for them. For me, that captures the magic that is Projet Jeune Leader.

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