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Mihaja Raonivololona

Monitoring & Evaluation Manager


Mihaja is our Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, based in Fianarantsoa. Mihaja has contributed to nearly every part of the organization – capturing quantitative and qualitative data on the impacts of our programs, collaborating with staff to design data-informed improvements, helping design our constituent accountability strategies, and implementing special projects including a menstrual health initiative and programs on gender-based violence. Since he first joined our monitoring and evaluation team in 2018, he has quickly built a broad set of skills in M&E and data collection, including recently learning QGIS and KoboToolbox. His passion for learning extends beyond Projet Jeune Leader. Mihaja obtained his Masters I degree in development studies and management in 2021, and is currently pursuing a Masters II degree. Prior to joining Projet Jeune Leader, Mihaja spent two years supporting projects and communications at Vondrom-Bintsy Manarina ny Tandavanala, a youth development organization in Fianarantsoa. He was the volunteer coordinator of the YMCA Fianarantsoa branch from 2013 to 2016 and served as Vice-President of the Conseil Communal de la Jeunesse (Youth Council) from 2014 to 2016, during which he organized events and interfaced with the Regional Department of Youth and Sports. Mihaja was a Projet Jeune Leader Educator in 2015-2016 at Idanda middle school.

Mihaja Raonivololona

Seeing the concrete, positive changes that Projet Jeune Leader makes in students’ lives motivates me daily. In my current role, I can not only identify issues, but also see them as opportunities to innovate our programs and approaches, all while I continue augmenting my skills and possibilities for myself. Projet Jeune Leader has taught me to always value curiosity, knowledge, and learning, which are integral to my everyday work.

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