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Tahiry Anjarasoa

Research, Learning, and Accountability Coordinator


Tahiry is Projet Jeune Leader’s Research, Learning, and Accountability Coordinator, based in Fianarantsoa. She spends a lot of her time in the field at our partner schools and with community members, gathering feedback and data to support our M&E work. She also plays an important communications role, collecting testimonials and drafting stories for our community-facing news magazines, writing blogs in Malagasy for our website, and synthesizing lessons learned. Tahiry served as a PJL Educator for three years.

Tahiry Anjarasoa

I am surrounded by a like-minded community of colleagues and constantly energized by the conversations and exchanges we have. We all share an understanding of and appreciation for the importance of Projet Jeune Leader in the lives of Malagasy youth. I was a PJL Educator once myself, and work with our Educators now, so I am always reminded of the seeds for youth-driven change we are planting in every community in which we work.

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