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Our vision is to bring comprehensive sexuality education to all youth across Madagascar, driven by demand from local communities.

We believe that comprehensive sexuality education must reach adolescents in under-resourced, hard-to-reach communities.

We know that there is a huge need—one reflected in calls from students, parents, and school leaders to expand Projet Jeune Leader to more communities in Madagascar, especially in rural areas.

To respond to this demand and achieve our vision of comprehensive sexuality education for every adolescent in Madagascar, we are investing in:

Maintaining high quality at low cost

Our model is scalable because it is simple. The right Educators—rigorously recruited, equipped, and supported—hold huge potential as system change agents in Madagascar’s most underserved schools.

Effective government partnership

We have formed trusting partnerships with the Ministry of Education of Madagascar at all levels (local, district, regional, and national). This enables us to build upon existing structures and systems to scale.

Building community support

We are seeing that our approach deeply resonates with communities. By reimagining how, by who, and where sexuality education is delivered, we are increasing its attractiveness, relevance, and impact.


What differentiates Projet Jeune Leader’s approach to comprehensive sexuality education (CSE)?

Why does Projet Jeune Leader primarily work in rural (and usually smaller) schools?

Does Projet Jeune Leader encounter community or government resistance to CSE?

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