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Tip sheet for recruiting young adults as CSE educators

It can be hard to find people with the right educator profile when recruiting among the general young adult population. This tip sheet explains our open recruitment approach, which includes a stepwise process of group and individual interviews to assess candidates’ potential to be positive messengers of CSE.


Projet Jeune Leader has a first-come, first-serve policy for the first step of our hiring process: group interviews. In other words, we do not pre-select potential candidates based on their resume or cover letter but rather let interested candidates – who show a high school diploma and ID card in the required age bracket – sign up in person for a group interview slot. We do this because we have found that most young adults who are interested in the Educator position and fill our qualitative selection criteria (“mature and engaging,” “like working with children and youth”) have little to no relevant professional experience to show on their resumes and have poor writing skills with which to craft a compelling cover letter.

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